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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Fine Arts



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Dr. Jefferson Johnson


An interest in interdisciplinary instruction, generally and within the arts, can be traced through numerous progressive educational movements extending back to the earliest philosophers. There has, however, been limited discussion regarding an interdisciplinary approach in high school ensemble classrooms. If a holistic teaching approach, one which examines a musical work from multiple angles while inviting and encouraging student curiosity and agency, can benefit music students in profound ways, why are secondary choral educators hesitant to employ such methods?

This monograph presents a concrete and practical application for the inclusion of interdisciplinary instruction in the high school choral classroom developed through research and experimentation in my own classroom over a five-year period. This methodology includes an expanded approach to score study, rehearsal techniques highlighting interdisciplinary connections, and varying levels of engagement designed to meet the needs of beginning to advanced ensembles. It is my hope that the information contained herein will provide educators a resource for the inclusion of interdisciplinary connections within their own classrooms and that, through this inclusion, choral teachers and students may experience the numerous benefits of such an approach.

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