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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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Doctoral Dissertation


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Mr. John Nardolillo


This project illuminates the history of educational concerts of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) and reveals a legacy of performances for young audiences, today’s educational innovations, and the orchestra’s evolving mission to serve young people. Concerts for young people are an important facet of the history of American orchestras. Today, these concerts and other educational programs are essential to increase the accessibility of orchestral music.

The PSO’s history highlights the close relationship of American orchestras with an educational mission from their early years to the present. After an overview of the origins of permanent orchestras and the national context of educational innovations, the educational history of the PSO is explored in detail through concert programs and profiles of pioneers such as Vladimir Bakaleinikoff and Marie Maazel. Tracing the origins of educational activities to recent seasons, today’s concert offerings provide insight into the orchestra’s current endeavors and potential impact. Among the trends in the PSO’s programming, many innovations serve as a role model for other orchestras in developing educational offerings for future young audiences and musicians.

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