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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Fine Arts


Music Performance

First Advisor

Prof. Bradley Kerns

Second Advisor

Dr. Margaret Tung


This project explores effective solutions for practicing orchestral excerpts, a challenge often faced by young musicians preparing for auditions. It introduces a method of adapting practice ideas and composition to facilitate a more profound understanding of fifteen orchestral excerpts. While primarily directed at horn players, the concepts and techniques explored in this study are applicable to musicians of all instruments, offering specific ideas, practice tips, and original etudes tailored to each excerpt. These etudes serve a dual purpose by addressing technical aspects of both the horn and the excerpt itself while familiarizing the musician with the standard orchestral repertoire commonly requested on audition lists. Ultimately, the goal of working with these etudes is to cultivate performance confidence and accelerate familiarity with each excerpt, thus propelling musicians towards professional employment opportunities.

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Compiled Audition Excerpts Spreadsheet

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