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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Fine Arts


Music Performance

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Dr. Lance W. Brunner

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Dr. Angelique Clay Everett


Among the existing body of literature on J.S. Bach’s massive compositional output, a scarce percentage of this research is dedicated specifically to the study of French Baroque court dances and their influence on Bach’s solo vocal repertoire. This study presents secular and sacred solo vocal works by J.S. Bach that were influenced by popular French court dances of the eighteenth century. The study explores musical and dance traits extracted from some of the most popular French Baroque court dances and incorporated into solo vocal repertoire. The intent of this paper is to provide a resource from a performer’s perspective that serves as an informative guide for vocalists, vocal coaches, and voice instructors. It includes biographical information about J.S. Bach, an historical overview of five of the most popular eighteenth-century French court dances, and it features five solo vocal works by Bach whose conception was influenced by French Baroque court dances. The overall goal of this study is to inform the reader about the influences and relationships between French Baroque dance and solo vocal works by J.S. Bach. This study is unique in that it is limited only to those solo vocal works which share a relationship with eighteenth-century French court dances.