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Master of Music (MM)

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Master's Thesis


Fine Arts



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Dr. Alaine Reschke-Hernández


Music in early childhood can provide valuable support for developing social emotional learning in preschool children. Preschool teachers often lack training in how to incorporate music-based activities to support social emotional learning in the classroom. This thesis involves three steps. First, I developed the materials for one-day training that presents music-based experiences for social emotional learning in preschool. The training materials are centered around two learning objectives: 1) Identify at least 1 music-based experience that can support each of the five SEL competencies for children, and 2) increase knowledge of music-based experiences to support SEL in the preschool classroom. Second, I gathered content expert feedback from three individuals. The experts were an early childhood music provider, a local preschool teacher, and a nationally certified music educator. Finally, I examined the feedback from the content experts and refined the training materials.

Throughout this project I used the CASEL framework and concepts from anti-racist social emotional justice learning to help inform training materials and refinement. Results of this project expanded our knowledge of the benefits of preschool teacher training for music-based social emotional learning. The refinement of the training materials provided insight for potential future research on preschool teacher training and music-based approaches to social emotional learning.

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  1. University of Kentucky, College of Fine Arts (Graduate Student Research/Creative Activity and Travel Program)
  2. Funding year: 8/1/2022

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