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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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Doctoral Dissertation


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Mr. Daniel Mason


The cries of animals have been used as motivic material in classical music literature throughout history. This project considers the Cambodian tocay gecko’s cry as the motif which embodies the harmonic structure in Chaconne for Tokkae for Violin and Piano, Op. 96 by Dr. Myung Whan Johann Kim. It reveals how Dr. Kim adapts unique compositional style and technique such as the bell harmony of Dr. Kurt Anton Hueber, to develop the theme into 39 colorful variations. The essential elements of the chaconne and the composer’s intentions are examined through personal interviews and correspondence with the composer. These elements are discussed along the biography of Dr. Kim, and introduction to Dr. Hueber’s bell harmony, as well as Dr. Kim’s religious beliefs of Christianity, which the composer deeply integrate with this chaconne. By offering rigorous analysis and performance guidance of Chaconne for Tokkae for Violin and Piano, Op. 96 which world premiered by violinist JuRang Kim and pianist Dr. Sanghee Kim on May 16, 2022, this paper enables performers to interpret this piece with the composer’s intentions and inspiration in mind and deliver a performance more precisely aligned with Dr. Johann Kim’s vision.

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