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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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Doctoral Dissertation


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Dr. Jason Dovel


For much of the trumpet’s long and varied history, it was considered a practical tool used for signaling more so than a music-making instrument. In 1614, Cesare Bendinelli wrote his Tutta L’arte Della Trombetta, which is often recognized as the first musical treatise written for trumpet. Scholars also recognize two other texts as being significant treatises: Girolamo Fantini’s Modo per imparare a sonare di tromba (1638), and Johann Ernst Altenburg’s Trumpeters’ and Kettledrummers’ Art (1795). The compilation and composition of A New and Complete Preceptor for the Trumpet and Bugle Horn by John Hyde in 1799 places it not only as the very first English trumpet treatise, but also as the fourth trumpet treatise ever written. Despite this significance, Hyde’s treatise is largely unknown by trumpeters today. This dissertation seeks to contextualize the creation of Hyde’s A New and Compleat Preceptor and utilize these findings in the creation of a new and modernized edition of the text. To this end, this study will include a history and overview of period treatises and other documents written for the trumpet, as well as the known history of John Hyde and the composition of A New and Compleat Preceptor. This document is presented in two parts: Part I, “Introduction,” “A Brief History of Early Trumpet Books,” “Biography of John Hyde,” “Inside A New and Complete Preceptor,” “A Modern Edition of A New and Complete Preceptor,” and “Conclusion.” The second part of this dissertation contains materials related to the Doctor of Musical Arts degree, and includes recital programs, program notes, and vita.

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