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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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Doctoral Dissertation


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Dr. Jefferson Johnson


This paper seeks to gain insight into American composer Jocelyn Hagen’s musical style, delving into her compositional process through analyses of three of her choral settings of Sara Teasdale’s poetry: April and the Sun, To See the Sky, and Joy. This work offers a detailed analysis of each piece using Jan Larue’s analytical method, which focuses on the basic musical elements of sound, harmony, melody, rhythm, and growth (known through its abbreviated form as SHMRG).

Because Jocelyn Hagen is a young composer, much of the relevant literature on Hagen comes from journal articles and dissertations. A significant resource for this paper is a recorded interview with the composer, which offers a perspective of her own writing style and process, her evolution as a composer, and the specific compositional techniques she employs. Sara Teasdale’s poetry, specifically as it relates to Hagen’s choral pieces, is also considered. In addition to the Larue analysis of the three works, suggested rehearsal techniques and programming ideas for conductors interested in performing these works are incorporated.

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