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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Fine Arts



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Daniel Mason


The work concerns a study of Karol Lipiński – the early nineteenth century Polish violinist – focusing on his activity as a musical interpreter. The work is supported by a comparison with another violinist acknowledged in this field – Joseph Joachim. The work is divided between four chapters: The first chapter begins with a discussion on the development of the concept of musical interpretation in the context of the broader social and aesthetical changes of the early nineteenth century, and ends with a summary of Joachim’s interpretative activity in the latter half of the same. The second chapter includes Lipiński’s biographical sketch and discusses his musical style based on available sources. The third chapter focuses on Lipiński’s activities as a musical interpreter and consists of three subchapters, each concerning different kinds of activity within this area, such as performing other composers’ solo and chamber works, music editing, and leading an orchestra. The fourth and final chapter attempts to answer the following questions: How innovative, in relation to the dominant trends of the time, was his approach to a music interpretation? Did he influence Joachim? If so, to what degree? Finally, why did the name of Lipiński fade into oblivion while Joachim prevailed?

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