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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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Doctoral Dissertation


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Dr. Cody Birdwell


Michael Daugherty’s Bells for Stokowski (2001/2003) is an original work for orchestra and wind band. This work has continued to be performed by ensembles around the world including live performances, and studio recordings.

The purposes of this dissertation are to 1) provide historical context of the composer and inspiration for the work, through interviews with its composer, Michael Daugherty, and premiere conductor, Michael Haithcock; 2) provide relationships between the Liberty Bell (architecture), several composers Stokowski worked with and conducted (art), modern and historical compositional styles through pieces like Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring (pop culture), how an audience perceives the sound coming from the stage through the seating arrangement of the ensemble (society), as well as performance practices of the piece (society and art), which bring to life a multi-faceted and innovative piece in the twenty-first century as it relates to the original orchestra score and the wind band transcription.

Chapter one discusses biographical and historical context important for the understanding of Daugherty’s music and Bells for Stokowski. Chapter two discusses the history of orchestration and instrumentation from Bach, as it compares to Stokowski and Daugherty. Chapter three discusses composer influences on Bells for Stokowski. Chapter four discusses programmatic elements and performance differences. Chapter five is the conclusion of the discussion of Bells for Stokowski. Included in the discussion in Part I are examples/items created to assist in describing connections to orchestration, influential composers, programmatic elements, and performance practices.

An appendix of information provides further insight gained through the interviews conducted with Michael Daugherty and Michael Haithcock.

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