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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Fine Arts



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Dr. Cody Birdwell


Music is a subjective art form that is enhanced by emotional connection and understanding of the relationship of line and phrasing to both the performer and the audience. Performers and conductors are charged with making artistic decisions about the expressive qualities of a phrase within moments of seeing the notation for the first time. In the development of wind ensembles, there is often a disconnect between the technique and accuracy of a musician’s performance and the emotional connection and understanding required to perform a lyrical melody or phrase within a piece of music. As musicians progress, often the attention is placed on the development of technical facilities required to play increasingly difficult music, causing the artistic qualities to fall second to those achieved through concrete evidence; correct notes and rhythms. It is the goal of this project to create a collection of common practices for conductors, teachers, and musicians to facilitate the development of artistry and lyrical playing in the performance of repertoire within the wind ensemble with a specific focus on contemporary music of diverse composers. This paper will also include a discussion of the implementation of the project with audio samples so the reader may see examples of how these techniques can inspire their own performance.

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Audio_5_1.mp3 (593 kB)
5.1 Main Melody, A Hymn for Peace

Audio_5_2.mp3 (567 kB)
5.2 Main Melody embellished, A Hymn for Peace

Audio_5_3.mp3 (482 kB)
5.3 mm. 32-39, A Hymn for Peace

Audio_5_4.mp3 (509 kB)
5.4 mm. 32-39 embellished, A Hymn for Peace

Audio_5_5.mp3 (530 kB)
5.5 mm. 32-29 countermelody #2, A Hymn for Peace

Audio_5_6.mp3 (549 kB)
5.6 mm.32-39 countermelody #2 embellished, A Hymn for Peace

Audio_5_7.mp3 (528 kB)
5.7 mm. 32-39 harmonic rhythm, A Hymn for Peace

Audio_5_8.mp3 (604 kB)
5.8 mm. 32-39 harmonic rhythm plus melody, A Hymn for Peace

Audio_5_9.mp3 (648 kB)
5.9 mm. 32-39 full ensemble, A Hymn for Peace

Audio_5_10.mp3 (466 kB)
5.10 mm. 54-55 Goodnight Moon

Audio_5_11.mp3 (281 kB)
5.11 mm.19-21 Goodnight Moon

Audio_5_12.mp3 (646 kB)
5.12 mm. 22-29 Goodnight Moon

Audio_5_13.mp3 (766 kB)
5.13 mm. 22-29 embellished, Goodnight Moon

Audio_5_14.mp3 (6359 kB)
5.14 Goodnight Moon, full performance

Audio_5_15.mp3 (9785 kB)
5.15 A Hymn for Peace, full performance

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