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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Fine Arts



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Dr. Elizabeth P. Arnold


Often neglected in voice study is the understanding that a singer’s instrument lives in his/her body and therefore cannot be packed away like other musical objects. Yoga and mindfulness compliment the belief of a whole body instrument. Data gathered on college campuses report that stress and anxiety are on the rise, thus reinforcing the need for MBSR and yoga as beneficial and proven tools for stress relief. The current state of research in the realm of mental health in colleges merits the study of a cohesive layout of these exercises and their expected outcomes in singing as well as stress management. Therefore, this document will present yoga sequences that align with the core aspects of singing including breath support, fluid vocal production and artistic expression. Exercises founded on principles of mindfulness are provided to bring awareness of mental qualities within a singer. Mental qualities gained from meditation practice include improved self-esteem, lowered anxiety, and increased focus. Yoga sequences will focus on certain areas of the body commonly addressed in voice studies. Collections of yoga asana, or postures, are featured to allow singers to recognize tightness and inefficiencies in their bodies, thus improving vocal function. This guide will combine yoga traditions along with mindfulness research to introduce ancient philosophies to singers and their teachers, resulting in meaningful and productive voice lessons.

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