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Master of Music (MM)

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Master's Thesis


Fine Arts



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Dr. Olivia Yinger

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Dr. Michael Hudson


Lorinda Jones, MT-BC, is the longest practicing music therapist in Kentucky. She began her work as a music therapist in 1995 and built a private practice, which expanded over the course of the next 20 years to include services in 16 counties. Ms. Jones’ perspective on the growth of music therapy, both within the state and nationwide, as well as her extensive knowledge of Appalachian folk music, makes her an invaluable resource to Kentucky music therapists. The purpose of this study was to present a historical account of the life and career of Lorinda Jones, to gain her perspective on the field of music therapy in Kentucky, and to learn about how she incorporates Appalachian music into her work with clients. The researcher found that Ms. Jones’ impact on the field of music therapy in Kentucky goes far beyond the individuals with whom she has personally interacted and that her role as a teacher to students of music therapy continues to influence the profession.

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The Dubilier Endowment at the University of Kentucky