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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Fine Arts


Music Performance

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Dr. Skip Gray


The commercial genre of trumpet playing has been overlooked by educators for years. The goal of this project is to author a book, A Progressive Guide to Commercial Trumpet Playing, to address this issue. Commercial music can be defined as music for the mass consumer audience with the intent to produce monetary profits.

This approach will take a student stylistically from blues through the popular music of the 21st century. The ultimate goal of this book is to fill the pedagogical void in trumpet performance study material, providing a more complete foundation for the trumpet performer. Each chapter will deal with a specific commercial genre and will include a brief history, musical examples, etudes, and a duet. This information will show students how to approach a given style through musical listening and performance and will provide a structure for effectively learning each commercial genre. This resource will also provide classical trumpet professors the tools for teaching genres of music with which they may be uncomfortable.