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Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

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Master of Public Policy

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Dr. Rajeev Darolia

Executive Summary

During the past decade, several states have adopted statewide educational attainment goals. Kentucky’s 60x30 goal seeks to credential 60% of the adult population in the state by 2030, bringing Kentucky closer to the national average. Using a difference-in-differences empirical strategy I compare Kentucky to a control group of states from 2010-2019 in order to understand statewide gains in varying levels of postsecondary achievement, and in what subsamples of the population the largest gains have been made. The results indicate that Kentucky has been successful in increasing educational attainment compared to states who have not adopted an educational attainment goal, and that these increases are mostly seen at lower levels of postsecondary education. The results of this analysis also indicate greater equity in postsecondary credential gains for “other race” residents at all attainment levels, and Hispanic residents at the Bachelor’s or higher level in Kentucky relative to the control group of states. Relative to the control group, setting the 60x30 goal did not have an effect on closing the racial attainment gap for Black residents in Kentucky.



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