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Master of Science in Mining Engineering (MSMIE)

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Master's Thesis




Mining Engineering

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Dr. Jhon Silva


Ground vibrations from blasting are one of the leading limitations to mining (underground and surface). There is a need for a low-cost scalable vibration monitoring system to conduct large scale ground vibration projects in the mining industry. Studies conducted on ground vibrations use any number of different sensors to obtain their data, the different sensor capabilities and methods for data processing lead to uncertainties in the research and regulations set for ground vibrations. Commercial Systems do not allow researchers to obtain raw output data, and the data processing procedures are not provided or disclosed for these systems. In order to study ground vibrations and their impact on structures, the University of Kentucky Explosives Research Team is developing a system to obtain raw ground vibration data for their research projects going forward. This study investigates the feasibility of the initial vibration system assembled in conjunction with a significant ground vibrations study happening at a surface coal mine. The assembled system, along with two other systems, were used to study three blast events at structures near the surface coal mine. The two acquired systems were used for data comparison and validation against the assembled system in this document. Additionally, a comparative analysis was performed on the vibration frequency content obtained from the three sensors and a recommendation was made for the continued use of the assembled sensor system in ground vibrations research.

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