We set up operadic foundations for equivariant iterated loop space theory. We start by building up from a discussion of the approximation theorem and recognition principle for V–fold loop G–spaces to several avatars of a recognition principle for infinite loop G–spaces. We then explain what genuine permutative G–categories are and, more generally, what EG–categories are, giving examples showing how they arise. As an application, we prove the equivariant Barratt–Priddy–Quillen theorem as a statement about genuine G–spectra and use it to give a new, categorical proof of the tom Dieck splitting theorem for suspension G–spectra. Other examples are geared towards equivariant algebraic K–theory.

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Published in Algebraic & Geometric Topology, v. 17, issue 6, p. 3259-3339.

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Guillou was supported by Simons Collaboration Grant 282316.

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