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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Business and Economics


Marketing and Supply Chain

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Dr. David M. Hardesty

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Dr. Adam W. Craig


Quantity surcharges have been widespread in the marketplace for decades. However, little is known about what kinds of consumers and under what conditions they are more likely to be impacted by this pricing practice. The current research contributes to the existing literature by investigating how a person’s childhood socioeconomic status affects their reaction toward quantity surcharges during adulthood. Across four studies, we find that childhood socioeconomic status has a positive impact on the purchase of a large and surcharged package size. However, when the economic conditions are threatening, the positive effect of childhood socioeconomic status disappears. The current research also provides a theoretical explanation for the interaction effect of childhood socioeconomic status and economic conditions. The focus on acquiring sufficient resources accounts for the interaction effect.

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