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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Business and Economics



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Dr. Stephen P. Borgatti


Research streams within the literature on boards of directors have included topics such as the composition and interlocks of boards for firm performance. In these studies, top management team director roles are often limited to those categorized as inside directors in the firm. Rarely studied are top management team ties within the board and top management team corporate network, their structural position in the network, and the associated firm performance for the company where the top management team works. This dissertation addressed this opportunity by using knowledge and power theories to research top management team degree centrality and firm performance within the board and top management team corporate network. Firm size, outside top management team members on the board, and board betweenness centrality were hypothesized as contingency factors. Social network analysis and hierarchical linear modeling were used on a sample of firms, from the S&P 500, to empirically test the hypotheses.

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