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The Codex Egerton (ca. 1550)

The Codex Egerton, also known as the Codex Sánchez-Solís or the Codex Waeker-Gotter, is a member of the Mixtec Group along with the Codex Vindobonensis Mexicanus 1.

The Egerton is special in that it details, along with the Codex Bodley (not shown in this exhibit), the intermarriages of noble families from both the Mixteca highlands and the Mixteca lowlands. In fact, because the right to rule was matrilineal in this context, one noblewoman in particular named “Bloody Feathers” (Plumas sangrientas) appears in both Codices. In folio 6, on display here, she is located on the right.

While conducting research on this Codex in the late 2000’s, Ethelia Medrano Ruíz took scans of it to the town where she and fellow specialist Sara König believe it was elaborated, Santa María Cuquila, Oaxaca. There, she and local elders successfully translated and matched-up several previously unidentified places enumerated in the Egerton with their still-existing counterparts.

Which of the four categories of CONTINUITY apply to the Codex Egerton?


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All scans courtesy of University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center and carried out by Jacob S. Neely.

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