University presses (UP's) are essential to the advancement of our culture and the understanding of our world, and, are just as much at the forefront of publishing innovation as anyone. UP's publish and engage in some of the most essential research across the humanities, sciences and arts, and, also dive in to top-of-mind trending topics. Academic libraries are prized hubs of information, supporting a school's curriculum and the research of its university faculty and students - the foundation of content. In an effort to strengthen its relationship with its host institution library and help promote scholarship, the University Press of Kentucky (UPK) launched an initiative with Ingram to revive its out-of-print library. In addition to providing both physical and e-book editions of these titles globally for the first time since going out of print, UPK also has made all the titles freely available in the library's repository to the worldwide University of Kentucky community. This panel will look at how this successful scholarly-driven project helped resurrect valuable content for students and educators worldwide and fostered a closer relationship between the institution and its university press. Panelists will drill down to the basics about the initiative and discuss program development, lessons learned and recommended best-practices.

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A presentation at the Charleston Conference in Charleston, SC.