From the student perspective, progress in the research process is made by moving directly from choosing a topic to collecting sources. Developing a focus and identifying interesting questions are often seen as time-wasters and left out of the process entirely, particularly in the case of novice researchers, and yet, research tells us that these are the areas where students tend to struggle the most. How can we introduce students to the idea that before they can find answers, they need to ask questions? This session will introduce the idea of using image searching as a method for helping students who are at the beginning stages of research to engage with their topics. By initially focusing on images rather than words, students are freed to interact with their topics visually which can create an environment conducive to exploration and investigation. This session will describe the development of this teaching technique, demonstrate how to implement it in class, and assess its instructional strengths and weaknesses.

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A presentation at the Kentucky Library Association Library Instruction Round Table Retreat in Richmond, KY.