KWRRI Annual Technical Reports (USGS’s 104b Grant Program)


In 2018, KWRRI launched a new website,, to better meet the needs of its stakeholders. KWRRI also established a repository for KWRRI’s reports, The repository includes historical KWRRI reports, annual symposium proceedings, technical reports, and the Water Distribution System Research Database. During the reporting period, KWRRI produced two editions of its semi-annual newsletter (Spring 2018 and Winter 2019). The newsletter provides updates, facilitates information sharing, and increases communication among those in the Kentucky water community. The 2019 Kentucky Water Resources Annual Symposium was held on March 25, 2019, in Lexington, Kentucky. The day-long symposium, attended by nearly 170 people, opened with a plenary session where panelists discussed policy and management challenges associated with drinking water and wastewater systems. This was followed by two concurrent platform sessions featuring 24 oral presentations, two poster sessions featuring 33 poster presentations, and an awards luncheon. Recipients of the FY 2018 USGS 104(b) student research enhancement grants funded through the Institute presented their results at the symposium. More information can be found on our website here: On October 26, 2019, KWRRI and the Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) co-hosted the 2018 Kentucky Watershed Forum in Lexington, Kentucky. The event brought together 69 individuals from 40 different organizations to discuss current topics related to water quality and watershed management. The forum provided a framework for networking opportunities and information exchange in a variety of formats including: river basin status reports, agency lightning round, speed dating, focus area presentations, and roundtable sessions.

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