KWRRI Research Reports


This report presents a methodology for ranking and selecting individual 11-digit HUCs for subsequent development of detailed watershed management plans as part of the Kentucky Watershed Management Framework. The proposed methodology consists of two phases: 1) Prioritization and 2) Targeting. The prioritization phase is used to rank 11-digit HUCs on the basis of existing special protection areas and the existence or potential existence of designated use impairment. The prioritization is accomplished using a priority watershed formula developed especially for this purpose. The formula is intended to serve as an objective tool for compiling environmental indicators to rank watershedsand for use in deciding how to allocate resources to address both protection and restoration goals as part of the Kentucky Watershed Management Framework objectives. The targeting phase involves determining the feasibility of a particular project. Targeting criteria include: public support, manageability, data availability, program-specific funding, program constraints, and watershed goals. By cross-referencing the prioritization score and the targeting score for all watersheds a classification matrix may be constructed which can serve to find guidance for the type of management activity appropriate for each individual watershed.

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