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This report focuses on links between GIS and hydrologic models and geo-spatial data needs and sources. The use and calibration of the hydrologic models reviewed in this paper are addressed by another report (see Bischoff, Yost, Ormsbee 1997.)

Part 1 of this report explains the general principles of a GIS database. It gives an overview of the Arc/Info and ArcView data models by providing a brief description of each spatial data format and explaining how spatial and tabular data are linked in a GIS environment. Part 1 also addresses the data compatibility issues related to projection, scale and resolution of geo-spatial data sets, and provides recommendations on the use of data of different source scale and projection.

Part 2 looks at three different ways of linking a GIS with hydrologic models and discusses each of the approaches in detail. Further, it identifies the geo-spatial data layers and spatially referenced tabular data needed for developing input information for the hydrologic models reviewed. The availability, sources, and problems with the existing spatial and tabular are discussed in detail. Part 2 also addresses the additional data needs for the Division of Water and provides recommendations for further implementation of GIS within the division. The report also includes extracts from metadata files software descriptions in the Appendices.

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Prepared for the Kentucky Division of Water