KWRRI Research Reports


This report records the progress made in satisfying the two primary objectives associated with the project. The specific objectives include:

1. To develop a database framework for use in assessment and management of combined sewer overflows in Kentucky.

2. To assess the impact of CSOs on the water quality of the Northern Kentucky region through data collection and analysis and preliminary model construction.

During the first year of the project, extensive data collection and analysis was performed on Banklick Creek which flows into the Licking River approximately 3 miles south of the confluence of the Licking River with the Ohio River. The results of this study have been reported previously (Ormsbee, et. al., 1994a). During the second year of the project the primary focus shifted to the Licking River. The results of this study have been reported in a separate study (Ormsbee, 1995).

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