KWRRI Research Reports


A generic contaminant migration pathway was used to develop concentration adjustment factors relating soil contamination levels to concentrations in migrating media. These concentration adjustments are based on relatively simple models and parameter values from the literature. The methodology is a screening level tool and is not designed to be used in the site specific analysis where additional information on the source of contamination and the local conditions is available.

The results demonstrate that contaminant concentrations can be very sensitive to the processes which occur during the migration of contaminants.Because the rates of these processes may be site specific it is difficult to assign values to many of the parameters required to describe them. The parameter estimates used at the different steps in the analysis are based on the results of a literature investigation and an understanding of the hydrogeology of Kentucky. It is apparent from this study that the multipliers are quite sensitive to parameter values selected, particularly for degradation. The sensitivity of the multipliers reinforces the need to validate these results with monitoring at existing sites. Further research on the anticipated values and conditions will be valuable in refining estimates of contaminant biodegradation for generic standards determination.

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