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This report summarizes the results of task 1 of the KWRRI Kentucky River Basin Water Supply Assessment Study. The KWRRI study was requested by the Kentucky River Authority in order to provide a basis for management decisions for the Kentucky River Basin. This study was necessitated as a result of unexamined or changing conditions that could significantly impact the conclusions and recommendations of the previous HARZA studies (Harza, et al, 1990; Harza, et al, 1991.)

Among the unexamined or changed conditions are the following:

1. New population forecasts.

2. Impacts of water rates on consumption.

3. Impacts of demand curtailment and reduction.

4. Impacts of migration of off-stem users to the Kentucky River.

5. Variance of the minimum flow requirement for Pool Nine.

6. Possible installation of low-flow release valves in locks 9-14.

7. Consideration of temporary crest gates for pools 9-14.

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Task 1 Report: Summary and Evaluation of Previous Water Supply Studies for the Kentucky River Basin

Prepared for the Kentucky River Authority by the Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute