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The Kentucky River Authority was mandated by regulatory statute 420 KAR I :030, Section 4 to develop a Unified Long-Range Water Resources Plan (ULRWRP) for the Kentucky River Basin. This summary document was written by the Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute under a contractual agreement with the Kentucky River Authority in support of this plan. It addresses several required components of the ULRWRP, including:

  • Acquisition and utilization of the Kentucky River Lock and Dam system;
  • Construction, acquisition and control of projects and facilities;
  • Regulation of flows and allocation of supplies;
  • Basin-wide and specific local land and water conservation measures and practices; and
  • Economic development.

This report provides summaries of the numerous documents written about the water resources of the Kentucky River. Section 1.0 provides a chronological listing of these documents. Due to the fact that many of these reports were written upon the request of a local, state or federal agency, or were required by state or federal legislation, Section 2. 0 categorizes the historical documents by the agency or organization sponsoring the specific study. The document summaries in Section 3.0 are also categorized by the sponsoring entity.

Reports written about the Kentucky River basin cover a variety of topics, but focus primarily on water supply issues and the potential for developing additional supplies in the basin. Many proposals are offered for ways to increase storage in the mainstem pools of the river, as well as for potential reservoir sites in various river tributaries. The summary table at the conclusion of the report (Section 4.0) lists historically proposed water supply alternatives, along with a notation of which projects were actually implemented. For those supply alternatives not completed, an attempt is made to explain why it was not pursued.

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Prepared for: The Kentucky River Authority

Prepared by: The Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute, University of Kentucky