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Because limestone groundwater flows mainly In discrete openings, limestone aquifers are fundamentally different from aquifers In granular rocks. A digital computer program which simulates flow in a limestone aquifer as a pipe network was written and compared with the Sinkhole Plain aquifer of west-central Kentucky.

A reasonably good fit between observed parameters of the aquifer and those calculated were obtained under assumed conditions of both laminar and turbulent now In the aquifer. The Indicated gross permeablllty of the aquifer is 5600 melnzers with an assumed aquifer thickness of 100 feet. The location and discharge of springs along the streams bounding the aquifer are predicted.

With further refinements to the computational routines, additional features of the aquifer can be modelled, and more refined predictions can be made of water budget parameters, location of flow paths, and development of the aquifer.

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The work on which this report is based was supported in part by funds provided by the Office of Water Resources Research, United States Department of the Interior, as authorized under the Water Resources Research Act of 1964.