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The distribution of sediments and conditions of transport were studied in the Kentucky, Big Sandy and Ohio Rivers. The sand and coal were in transport at different flow velocities for the rivers and the deposition of these sediments was a direct function of the flow conditions at a particular locality.

The flow conditions of transport of the sediments were studied in flumes as were the hydraulic conditions in model dredge holes to determine the feasibility of trapping sediment. The conditions of scour and fill were also established and compared with known conditions in a dredge hole in the Ohio River. Flow records from gaging stations were analyzed to determine the periods of sediment transport.

The results indicate that solid waste pollutants can be trapped in dredge holes in certain conditions of flow. The principal source of the coal appears to be natural erosion.

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The work on which this report is based was supported by funds provided by the Office of Water Resources Research, United States Department of the Interior, as authorized under the Water Resources Research Act of 1964.