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This report analyzes and describes the process of relocating individuals and families who must move due to reservoir construction in Kentucky utilizing data collected in previous research. These data come from four separate studies: a study of community attitudes toward reservoir construction (Johnson county where the Paintsville reservoir is to be constructed), interviews with people who are slated for relocation when the Taylorsville reservoir is constructed, and two sets of interviews with people who have already been relocated due to reservoir construction (Cave Run and Carr Fork).

Psychological, social, economic and material costs and benefits associated with forced relocation are presented, and the role of the relocation agency (The Army Corps of Engineers) in the process is described. Generally, the younger, more affluent and educated migrants fare better in the relocation process than older, poorer and less-educated migrants. Particular attention is paid to those people who found relocation psychologically and economically costly because these are unanticipated and usually unrecorded real costs of reservoir construction. Suggestions are given for easing the burden of relocation among those affected. The framework for this report is longitudinal, describing the relocation process from pre-migration to post-relocation.

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The work upon which this report is based was supported in part by funds provided by the United States Department of the Interior, Office of Water Resources Research, as authorized under the Water Resources Research Act of 1964.