The objective of the study was to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of available marking materials by means of field tests and to make recommendations concerning the optimum lane delineation materials based on these tests. Materials tested include 100-percent solid epoxy paint, polyester paint, extruded thermoplastic, 3M Stamark tape, 3M Bisymmetric tape, EPOFLEX, solvent epoxy paint, chlorinated rubber traffic paint, and alkyd traffic paint. The test installations have been in place up to four years. The evaluation concerned the durability, reflectivity, and appearance of the materials. Based on current data, expanded use is warranted for 1) polyester paint on lower-volume asphaltic concrete surfaces, 2) extruded thermoplastic on higher-volume asphaltic concrete highways with lighting or snowplowable markers, and 3) extruded thermoplastic on open-graded asphaltic surfaces.

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