The objective of this study was to find the most cost-effective durable marking material to provide long-lasting stop bars and crossbars. Three materials were tested: 1) 3M Stamark tape, 2) Prismo preformed tape, and 3) extruded thermoplastic (hydrocarbon and alkyd). The various test installations were in place for between 6 and 30 months.

The alkyd-resin thermoplastic material was found to be the most cost-effective I material. The preformed tapes cost two to three times as much as the thermoplastic material while not providing as durable a material when used in this application.The alkyd-resin material maintained its appearance better than the hydrocarbon-resin material.

Use of alkyd-resin extruded thermoplastic material was recommended either by contract or with Kentucky Transportation Cabinet personnel if the necessary equipment was obtained. The exceptions where preformed tape shall be used were 1) at isolated intersections where use of thermoplastic installation equipment was impractical and 2) on concrete pavements.

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