In October 1986, the Transportation Research Program of the University of Kentucky published a report evaluating the addition of hydrated lime to the subgrade soils of Section 19 of the Ashland-Alexandria (AA.) highway (1). That study involved laboratory testing only and concluded that the engineering properties of these subgrade soils were significantly improved with the addition of 6 percent (by weight) hydrated lime. It was decided to add hydrated lime to the subgrade soils on Section 19.

Because that procedure had not previously been used in Kentucky, a study was approved to monitor construction procedures and the performance of an experimental section. The objectives were:

  1. photo documentation and monitoring of construction procedures;
  2. laboratory testing of subgrade samples for, freeze--thaw durability, triaxial and unconfined compressive strength, and resilient modulus;
  3. annual pavement coring and testing as listed in Item 2; and
  4. a construction report upon completion of construction and annual memorandum reports for five years.

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