The objectives of this report were to document the activities and evaluate the effectiveness of a regional traffic safety improvement program in the Green River Area Development District (GRADD). This is a seven county region in western Kentucky. The goals of the program were to reduce the numbers of motor vehicle fatalities and injuries, to increase safety belt usage, and to increase public awareness of the effects of alcohol-related and high speed driving in rural areas.

A full-time employee was hired by GRADD to manage the program. A Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) was established in each county. Each CAB formulated a mission statement, identified problems they desired to address, established goals and objectives, and developed strategies and activities. Activities in the program included: radio and television public service announcements, development of a logo, development and distribution of several pamphlets, placing traffic safety billboards, presenting programs to various groups on different traffic safety topics, distributing numerous promotional items, participating in community events such as parades and festivals, use of safety characters, providing training such as TIPS, and providing a visual display radar.

The accident analysis showed that the number of accidents and injuries in the GRADD decreased after the start of the safety program at a level which was statistically significant compared to statewide statistics. While the number of fatalities increased, due to the small numbers, the change was not statistically significant compared to statewide statistics.

Safety belt usage in the GRADD increased at a higher rate than the statewide increase. Before the program, the usage rate in the GRADD was substantially below the statewide average but the usage rate increased to a level only slightly below the statewide average.

The evaluation revealed that the program was successful in hiring and training a coordinator, creating a CAB in each county, developing highway safety literature specific to the GRADD, and presenting highway safety information to the general public through such methods as public service announcements, newspaper articles, pamphlets, billboards, participation in community events, and distribution of highway safety materials.

The success of this program in achieving its goals and objectives shows that the concept of a regional safety program is a valid method of reducing traffic accidents and informing the public of traffic safety issues.

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