I-24 is considered as one of the high priority and emergency routes in the region. Hence, it is essential that I-24 remains functional and operational after an earthquake event. The objective of this study is to perform seismic evaluation and risk assessment of bridges and embankments along I-24 in western Kentucky. The assessment assists identifying and prioritizing bridges that are susceptible to failure.

The study aims at evaluating the seismic risk for 127 bridges, of which 82 bridges lies on I-24 and 45 bridges cross over I-24. This report is the first (1st) in a series of seven reports for Project SRP 206: “Seismic Evaluation of I-24 Bridges”. The seven reports represent a comprehensive study evaluating the seismic vulnerability of bridges and embankments along I-24 in western Kentucky. This report is intended to provide a summary of the results of the comprehensive study. Basic ranking results and/or deficiencies of the seismic performance of the 127 bridges are documented, and retrofit recommendations, if any, are presented in this report. However, all details and records for Project SRP 206, “Seismic Evaluation of I-24 Bridges”, are presented in the accompanied six reports.

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