In co-operation with the Bureau of Public Roads, a number of reinforced pipe culvert installations in a number of states have been selected to evaluate the effectiveness of the design and construction criteria. One particular pipe has been chosen for this special study because of its installation conditions. This pipe is located on I 75-6 (5) 123 in Scott County at Station 37 + 50, US460, SW Ramp, and has been constructed using both type beddings that are specified in the 1956 edition of the Kentucky Department of Highways Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction and amendments thereto. Observation of the performance of this installation during construction and after completion was desirable so as to check the validity of the theory as applied to rock fill material, which was used in this particular installation. The ultimate objective of this study and investigation, therefore, is to align the theory more with actual field conditions. No attempt has been made to discuss the hydraulic or functional phase of culvert design or the structural design of the conduit.

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