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William Louis Rossie, B.A. (Berea), '23, A.B. (UK) '24, LL.B. '27

Berea, Kentucky

Our hats are off to Rossie, because he is the only Berea man we have ever seen that wasn't almost ruined. We don't throw rocks at nobody, but we still insist that you never could tell Rossie had been to Berea.

-The Kentuckian, 1924

William Louis Rossie (November 9, 1897 - September 23, 1968) was born in Dorchester, Virginia to Stefano Rossie and Elizabeth Wells. Rossie attended the Vocational School at Berea College between 1917 and 1918. He served during World War I and returned to Berea to complete a Bachelors of Arts degree in History. In 1923, Rossie received a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Kentucky. Rossie graduated from the UK College of Law in 1927. Rossie had a long career with the United States government. He was called to active duty for the United States Army in 1940--he served in various capacities in a variety of locations until his retirement in 1956. Rossie married Sethelle Barclift.