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William Leivenson, L.L.B.

Lexington, Kentucky

Orchestra, Henry Clay Law Society, Winner - Freshman Cup, R.O.T.C. Lieutenant-Colonel

-The Kentuckian, 1927

William Leivenson (February 18, 1905 - August 8, 1962) was born in Lexington, Kentucky to Phillip Leivenson and Annie Marks. Leivenson worked in Chicago, Illinois after graduation as an assistant general director of the Jewish Peoples' Institute. He later worked for Goldblatt Brothers department stores in Chicago. During World War II, Leivenson worked as a Field Director for the National Jewish Welfare Board under the United Service Organizations. Upon returning to Chicago, Leivenson returned to department store work. He also worked as the Midwest regional director of the Leukemia Society of America before his death in 1962. Leivenson married Rose Krugly in 1933.