College of Law Class of 1925




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Rodes Kirby Myers, LL.B.

Bowling Green, Kentucky


Phi Alpha Delta; Legal; Member Student Speakers’ Bureau; Tau Kappa Alpha; Cincinnati Chapter

-The Kentuckian, 1925

Rodes Kirby Myers (June 29, 1900 - March 11, 1960) was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky to William Henry Myers and Sarah Helen Kirby. Myers attended Ogden College and the University of Cincinnati before receiving his LL.B. from the University of Kentucky. Myers practiced law in Bowling Green. Myers served several terms in the Kentucky General Assembly--he was a State Representative in 1934-1939 and in 1945 and a State Senator between 1948-1950. He was elected Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky in 1939 and served in this role from 1939-1943. Myers was married three times--his wives were Beulah Gardner (m. pre-1930, d. 1936), Mary Louise Hubbard (m. 1936, d. pre-1940) and Neill Mohead (m. 1942).