College of Law Class of 1923




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Thomas Elbert Sparks, LL.B.

Greenville, Kentucky

ΤΔΑ; ΦΑΔ; Henry Clay Law Society; Editorial Staff Kentucky Law Journal (3, 4); Republican Club (2, 3) President (4); Muhlenberg Club; Class Basketball (2)

“Elbert” began as an Engineer, stumbling and floundering in the night.

But at length he saw how futile was his course, and followed the hopeful light.

Now “Elbert” is a full-fledged lawyer, with his name adorned with “A’s”,

To reward him for his merits, and the mending of this ways.

-The Kentuckian, 1923

Thomas Elbert Sparks (December 15, 1900 - September 18, 1955) was born in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky to Thomas Jefferson Sparks and Montie Dell Oates. Sparks practiced law in Central City for several years after graduation. He married Alma Hutchen in 1924.