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Eldon Steven Dummitt*, LL.B.

Eldon Steven** Dummitt (August 6, 1896 - May 3, 1973) was born in Monett, Missouri to Flemmon Rowin Dummitt and Mary Marbut. Dummitt practiced law in Lexington after receiving his degree. Dummitt served as the 34th Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Kentucky between 1944 and 1948. In 1947, Dummitt unsuccessfully ran as the Republican candidate in the Kentucky gubernatorial election. Dummitt married Christine Shouse in 1926.

*Mr. Dummitt is not listed in the 1920 edition of The Kentuckian.
**Mr. Dummit's middle name is listed in the Board of Trustees meeting minutes as 'Stears'. However, this is the only instance of 'Stears'. 'Steven' or 'Stephen' or 'Stephens' are used in other vital records.