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Thomas Dillard Grubbs, LL.B.

Mt. Sterling, KY

Phi Delta Theta; Mystic Thirteen; Phi Alpha Delta; Six-One Club; Economics Club; Democratic Club; Varsity Baseball; Class Basketball; Second Scholarship Prize Junior Law; Kernel Board of Control; First Lieutenant, U. S. A.

Tom, tall, straight and handsome, put Mt. Sterling on the map. He introduced himself to the students by twirling a baseball on the varsity team, and followed this introduction by vamping the ladies on the dance floor; but even that was tame for Tom. He then joined the army and fought the Germans until they hollered enough. Since returning to the University, he has been fighting note-books. Tom's genial disposition has made for him life-long friends who will regret his graduation in June.

-The Kentuckian, 1920

Thomas Dillard Grubbs (February 22, 1894 - January 28, 1986) was born in Mount Sterling, Kentucky to Charles Dury Grubbs and Mary Hazelrigg. Grubbs practiced law in Mount Sterling after graduation. He served terms as the Mount Sterling city attorney and as Montgomery County master commissioner. Grubbs served as Montgomery County judge for 20 years. Grubbs was a pitcher for the New York Giants in a single Major League Baseball games against the Philadelphia Phillies on October 3, 1920. He married Martha Lenore Tolle in 1940.