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William Bryan Martin, LL.B.

South Carrollton, Kentucky

Assistant Manager Varsity Baseball Team (3).

When we speak of Bill it is with reverence—he forgot his bachelor friends and got married. We once knew Bill personally and in those days he could drink as much suds as the best of us; but now he is blissfully sailing the seas of matrimony. He has two purposes in life, his degree, and to provide for other things. My, how times have changed.

-The Kentuckian, 1920

William Bryan Martin (October 25, 1895 - January 8, 1975) was born in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky to Joseph Martin and Mary Ellen Smith. Martin practiced in Lexington after graduation. He served in several groups in many capacities for Fayette County's Democratic party. Martin served on the board of directors for the Lexington Federal Savings & Loan Association. In 1944, he was elected president of the Fayette County Bar Association. Martin spent three years of his career practicing law in Florida before returning to his Lexington practice. He married Pauline Morgan in 1918.