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Earle Cassady, A.B. '14, LL.B. '17

Inez, Kentucky

Delta Chi; President Honor System Committee; President History Club; Patterson Literary Society; Captain Class Baseball Team; Mountain Club; Republican Club.

Behold the Silent Man of the Mountains! If modesty be a virtue, and silence a mark of deep meditation, then Earle must be a very worthy young man. He has been a faithful disciple of "Thutmosis" and consequently is an undoubted authority on Egyptian history. He was never known to laugh aloud, though a bland smile sometimes causes the corners of his mouth to slightly separate. After he had distinguished himself as a historian he took up the mysteries of the legal profession. Earle is a kind, courteous gentleman and will make a record of which his many friends may well be proud.

-The Kentuckian, 1914

Earle Cassady (February 14, 1891 - June 1963) was born in Martin County, Kentucky to Richard Cassady and Mary Dempsey. Cassady practiced law and worked as a high school teacher and principal in Inez, Kentucky.