College of Law Class of 1910




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Robert Lee Sims -- "Judge"

Frankfort, KY

Henry Clay Law Society.

The distinguishing trait of Judge Sims is his supercilious manner. King within himself, he inspires all with the magnitude of his greatness and relies on personal magnetism for all of his accomplishments. His one fault is - -, and his chief virtue might be called a habit of staying at home when he is not at home (two homes).

"A type of Bohemian manhood."

-The Kentuckian, 1910


Robert Lee Sims* (January 11, 1888 - August 7, 1927) was the son of Reverend James Scott Sims and Mary Lovel. Sims moved to Chicago after graduation where he worked for Albert Peck & Co. Sims married Elta Qualkinbush in May 1920.

*Sometimes listed as Simms