College of Law Class of 1910




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William Wathen Prewitt -- "Arkansaw"

Osceola, AR

L.L. B., Patterson Literary Society, Henry Clay Law Society, S.U.A.A., President of the Bohemian Club, Circulation Manager of the Idea.

On several occasions Mr. Prewitt has been called an Abelard. He has quick catchy movements, and his love for " He" Louise carried him to the South Broadway district four times a fortnight, during the past year.

"A character escaped from the menagerie of Mark Twain."

-The Kentuckian, 1910


William Wathen Prewitt, Sr. (August 27, 1889 - April 27, 1969) was born in Osceola, Arkansas to Dr. Robert C. Prewitt and Sarah Stephens. Prewitt practiced law in Osceola after graduation. He also served at the Osceola fire chief. Prewitt married Louise Warren Johnson on June 15, 1911.