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The purpose of this map is to identify landslide-prone areas in Johnson County in order to provide the public, as well as local and state government agencies, with information about where landslides are likely to occur. This map represents geomorphic-based susceptibility modeling that focuses on physical slope characteristics and morphology, the quality of which is dependent on data accuracy and resolution of terrain models. The availability of high-resolution (5-ft digital elevation model) lidar derived datasets allows for the generation of terrain elevation derivatives such as hillshades, slope, aspect, curvature, and roughness, as well as identification of existing landslide deposits. These high-resolution lidar derived datasets, coupled with landslide inventory mapping, enable us to produce detailed, high-resolution landslide susceptibility maps.

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Fall 9-13-2022



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Crawford, M.M., Koch, H.J., Dortch, J.M., Haneberg, W.C., 2022, Landslide Susceptibility Map of Johnson County, Kentucky: Kentucky Geological Survey, ser. 13, Contract Report 46, 1 p.

Funding Information

Work related to this publication was funded by the Kentucky Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Pre-Disaster Mitigation grant PDMC-PL-04-KY-2017-002 titled Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan for Landslides for the Big Sandy Area Development District

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