Jenna Clem


During the spring semester of 2010, I have been working on the design of a psychiatric residential treatment facility in Wheelwright, Kentucky as part of the requirements for ID 659, Interior Design Graduate Studio. I am a senior, but was allowed permission to enroll in this class because of my interest in research-based design. The facility will offer therapy services in a home environment for seven adolescents between the ages of ten and seventeen. This paper describes the process that I followed throughout the design process and the specific issues that were addressed in the final solution. The design process involves programming that consists of research on the project type, the establishment of goals and objectives, gathering of relevant information, identification of strategies, space requirements, as well as creating a concept that leads to design development. The following explains how these processes come together to form a design solution unique to the services and mission of Mountain Comprehensive Care Center, an organization providing behavioral healthcare in Eastern Kentucky.